Adapting Strategies to Differing Markets

Posted by Lauren Farrell on November 19

Oftentimes in business we complain about too much data. But for marketers in newer companies, often there is no data to inform decisions.  So how do marketing strategies change between established brands and startups? 

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Topics: B2B Marketing, B2B Content Strategy, Maverick of Marketing

MarketScale Recognized Among Conversational Marketing Top 50 Worldwide

Posted by Lauren Farrell on November 19

We know that websites are our most powerful sales tool, and conversational marketing has made sure that continues to ring true. We are proud to be named a Drift Top 50 Conversational Marketer for 2019.

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Digital Marketing, Conversational Marketing

Building Trust and Authenticity Through Marketing

Posted by Lauren Farrell on November 15

Marketing has often been seen as advertising, which is fleeting. But marketing today is changing. Stories and customer experience are imperative for businesses.  It's no longer brand driven marketing strategy, but brand driven business strategy.

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How Can You Effectively Use Data in Decision Making?

Posted by Lauren Farrell on November 15
This week on Diving Into Data, we explore how professional sports franchises are utilizing data on and off the field, why the transportation analytics market is expected to boom in the next 5 years and how to effectively make data-driven decisions.
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Topics: Diving into Data

Why Content Should Drive Your Marketing Strategy

Posted by Lauren Farrell on November 14

Content is undoubtedly still king when it comes to marketing. Yet, sometimes marketers still question, why?

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Topics: B2B Marketing, Content Marketing, B2B Content Strategy

Learning from the Past and Moving Forward in Sales

Posted by Tyler Kern on November 5

On this episode of Revenue Radio, host Tim Maitland was joined by John Price. John is the CEO and Founder of Cascade Point Solutions, an Amazon re-seller business, and is a Co-Owner of a growing "luxurious" camping company, Happy Yak.

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Topics: Revenue Radio

What Marketers Can Learn from Baseball

Posted by Tyler Kern on November 4

It's a question that has been asked quite a bit in recent years: How do you fix Major League Baseball? It's an even trickier answer for people in the marketing and sales departments for Major League Baseball teams.

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Topics: Sports & Entertainment, Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Education in Marketing

Posted by Lauren Farrell on November 4

alphabet-conceptual-education-266185Today in the digital age we are inundated with information and therefore the way people are persuaded has evolved. It's imperative that marketers authentically answer what problem your business solving for, and what its value is.

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Topics: B2B Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Maverick of Marketing

Big Data, Small Data and The Data Ecosystem

Posted by Lauren Farrell on October 28

Data inherently has its own ecosystem. And that ecosystem is continually growing and evolving as we move forward with new technology.

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Topics: Data & Analytics, Diving into Data

What Marketing Will Look Like In 2020

Posted by Lauren Farrell on October 24

Conversational robots, zero click search results, new content mediums and data visualization. Are these the components of a marketers playbook in 2020?

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Topics: Marketing Data, Content Marketing, SEO, Conversational Marketing, Market Makers

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