The Weekly Scale: August 10th

Posted by Lauren Farrell on August 10

This week at MarketScale, we brought the sizzle with the live premier of our newest video series Run the Pass, explored the worlds largest energy project, and heard first hand if robots are ready for surgery.

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The Present and Future of Education Technology

Posted by MarketScale on August 6

Voices of eLearning host, JW Marshall, spoke with Harris Goodman, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at Achieve 3000, a 20 year old education software provider focused on K-12 literacy and other edTech products and services.

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How Can eLearning Excel Versus Traditional Instruction

Posted by JW Marshall on July 22

For decades, eLearning has been viewed as “supplemental.” In harsher terms, it’s been labeled “second-rate” to traditional, in-person instruction, and an ineffective transition to eLearning over the past several months has caused many to perpetuate this viewpoint.

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When Outside Sales Can’t Travel: Embracing Digital Transformation

Posted by MarketScale on July 21

Almost every aspect of the economy has been scrutinized as COVID-19 has affected the way we do business. Often, the focus is on service delivery and how a company can continue to do business, deliver its product and, in many cases, deal with restrictions surrounding its supply chain, local guidelines and everything in between.

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The Disruption of Higher Education and Its Impact on Business

Posted by JW Marshall on July 8

While elearning has been a growing trend for years, from online MBA’s to full online undergraduate degrees, it had not come even close to replacing the traditional on-campus and in person experience. But just as the pandemic has forced businesses to go remote, it’s forcing universities to go partially or fully online – over the course of weeks instead of years. What does this mean for the future of higher education, its graduates, and the businesses who employ them?

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Connecting Employees During Work from Home

Posted by Emily Rector on July 8

Camaraderie and connection are essential components of the employee experience. As companies continue to work from home, new and improved ways of communication are being deployed to help encourage communication between coworkers. Tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are being utilized more than ever to help bring employees together virtually. As we continue to work from home at MarketScale, our opportunity was to find a way to take advantage of these tools to encourage random conversations between employees. A conversation born not out of necessity, but as a vehicle to garner creativity and connection.

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The Weekly Scale: June 22nd

Posted by Lauren Farrell on June 22


This week on The Weekly Scale, host Tyler Kern talks podcasts with Uncle Sam, live broadcasts, new glass-to-glass solutions, a trip to Austin, Texas - and scalability.

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How Do you Create More Digitally Innovative Strategies in B2B?

Posted by Lauren Farrell on June 19

On this episode of the Maverick of Marketing radio show host Shannon Maverick, talks with Carlos Haddad, VP & GM of Sales, Marketing and Business Development of the Americas and Europe for Watts Water Technologies.

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