3 B2B blogs that engage customers and prospects

Posted by admin on February 1

Creating an awesome B2B company blog is challenging, but it's not impossible. Even manufacturing brands or companies with highly technical products can create blogs that buyers actually want to read - and share!

You don't even have to write about your company or products. The key is to creatively tie your brand to blog topics that are interesting to your buyers and to focus on building your brand story.

Here are 4 company blogs all B2B marketers can learn from.

1. Maersk Group

Maersk Group is a collection of companies in the cargo shipping and energy industries. Their blog stands out in both of their primary industries because they understand the power of storytelling in B2B marketing.

Stories help buyers find personal value in a purchase. 71% of B2B customers say they are more likely to buy when they see persona value in a product, versus 22.6% who will likely buy without any perceived personal value. (Source)


BNIM is an architectural firm that specializes in high-performance environments. Their company blog is a space that highlights the projects they're working on.

It's often better to show people what you do, rather than tell them – especially when your product has visual appeal. BNIM's blog allows potential customers to try before they buy, in a way, because they get to see a huge archive of their previous work.

3. GE

GE was quick to adopt digital marketing into their overall strategy and they have been one of the most successful to do so. Similar to Celanese, GE's blog also features the thought leadership of their employees. However, GE's content is closely related to their products and more technical in nature.

GE's blog features all of the things you want in a great B2B blog – storytelling, topics that are relevant to their ideal buyers, and it's updated often. Too many B2B marketers make the mistake of not updating their blog often enough, causing them to miss out on valuable leads.

Too many times, B2B marketers think that everything they publish has to be highly-technical content.  But remember, blogs are supposed to be engaging and sharable, and sometimes telling the story and the why behind the buy is just as valuable. 

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