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From Edison to Bezos: Marketing History Says a Single-Market Focus is the Way to Launch Products

Posted by admin on September 24

Following years of research and development, and after investing a small fortune, you’re finally ready to bring your game-changing product to market. So, how do you go about initiating a successful launch? Your instincts may tell you to promote all your product’s features and benefits to every single applicable market. It may seem counter-intuitive to ignore features or applications.

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Thomas Riley in the Heartland, Day 4: Hoosier Land

Posted by admin on May 4

MarketScale analytics operations manager Thomas 'TC' Riley is on the road this week and on Thursday traveled to his fourth state since the start of the week.

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Topics: SEO, data, Analytics, Optimization

Thomas Riley in the Heartland, Day 3: The Windy City

Posted by admin on May 3

Our Analytics Manager Thomas Riley continued his Midwest trip on Wednesday and found himself in Chicago, IL.

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Topics: Data Driven, Analytics

Thomas Riley in the Heartland: Day 2

Posted by admin on May 2

Thomas 'TC' Riley, our Analytics Manager, continued his road trip through the Midwest on Tuesday. After stopping in Missouri and Illinois on his first day, TC headed north to Wisconsin.

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With Better Content Marketing, B2B Products will Thrive in E-Commerce

Posted by admin on August 23

E-Commerce, led by Amazon, has disrupted retail and it has changed the way we buy everything from clothing to consumer electronics, to food.

But the vast majority of E-Commerce sales have always been B2C. That’s not to say that there aren’t billions of dollars in B2B E-Commerce sales each year, but those sales traditionally fall into a few limited categories:

  • Wholesale products for retailers and resellers
  • Surplus goods
  • Consumables and commodities
  • Highly-standardized parts and machinery
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Topics: B2B Content

Is Fashion an Underestimated Marketing Channel?

Posted by admin on January 10

Omnichannel is a big word in marketing. It refers to having a comprehensive strategy to ensure your messaging is effective across all channels, from mobile to desktop to social, TV and everything in between. Marketers are trained to recite channels and strategies like they’re going out of style. Which leads to an interesting question: Is ‘style’ itself the most underestimated marketing channel of them all?

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MarketScale Video Integration is the Solution B2B Marketers Needed for Scalable Marketing Video

Posted by admin on June 22

There used to be a running joke in the marketing community: “This will be the year of video”.

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Topics: Video, Content

infoComm 2016: Innovation and Collaboration in AV

Posted by admin on June 13

MarketScale participated in infoComm 2016 last week at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show represented a rich array of new technologies and industry-leading innovators and manufacturers building the future of AV.

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