Automated Prospecting, True Inbound Leads: Sendbloom Review

Posted by admin on September 13

Since our previous post was about the true promise of inbound marketing, it only makes sense to follow up with a post about a disruptive sales automation tool changing the game for inside and outside teams around the world.

Sendbloom, is to sales people, what Uber is to the traveler. In fact, the expensive and cumbersome marketing automation tools Sendbloom is disrupting are a lot like the old-school car services and taxi systems Uber disrupted. A simpler, more efficient, cost-effective and more easily distributed solution enables early movers to be more productive than ever before.

The analogy continues:
Back in the day, you planned, scheduled and negotiated with car services to deliver with little to no flexibility. That era is over.
Back in the day, sales executives planned, prospected, pitched and negotiated with cold calls in a very inefficient process. That era is over.

How does Sendbloom do it? What does it do?
Sendbloom enables a sales professional to reach 100-200 clients with personalized, automated E-Mail content. Is it auto-generated? No. It's pre-set, using carefully input data and some nifty add-ons, and then it does the rest. It sends through your existing Outlook or Gmail, not some clunky E-Marketing platform, and detects responses. When your audience doesn't write back, Sendbloom reaches back out as scheduled. With one, two, three or four carefully crafted, customized follow-ups, a sales professional can focus on closing, while Sendbloom fills the inbox with engaged prospects. A salesperson with this tool becomes instantly more productive.

template-screenshot@2xSendbloom is personalized. It merges in the recipient's name, company name, the size of the company, the technology they use - in fact any data associated with the account can be added to the E-Mail. No more mass impersonal E-Mails, no more Emailing one contact at a time.

Sendbloom is automated. It's a personal assistant that can prospect and follow up.

Sendbloom is cost-effective. An appointment setting sales agent equals $4000 - $6000/month in sales expense. Sendbloom is $100.

Every once in a while a disruptive product enters a market and the incumbents cannot ignore its effect. In a market like marketing automation, email marketing or sales automation, big companies traditionally built big tools. Like sosendbloom many incumbents, their tools have come to price too many features and add-ons into the product. They often over-serve the market making them ripe for disruption. With its simplicity, Sendbloom rejects a lot of the bloated features of do-everything platforms, for simple value in sales automation.

How to get started:
1. Sign up for Sendbloom (3 Minutes)
2. Integrate with Outlook or Gmail + Salesforce (2 Minutes)
3. Upload leads from CSV (Excel) (5 minutes)
4. Configure content and segments (30 minutes)
5. Enjoy the automation for weeks of inbound leads

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