Chicago. New York. Los Angeles. Atlanta. Orlando. Philadelphia. Dallas: MarketScale Video Goes on Tour

Posted by Nick Greco on July 14

MarketScale's Dallas-based film crew has filmed in Chicago (twice), Orlando, Deland and Melbourne, Florida, Los Angeles, California, at UCONN, in New York City, New Jersey, Pineville, Louisiana, Philedelphia, Atlanta, Georgia, North Carolina, and throughout Texas.

All in the last month.

We're very grateful for the opportunity to film so many exciting companies, in some awesome locations. And the dedication from our video team has been remarkable. 

Poly Processing, of Monroe, Louisiana is one such amazing company we filmed not too long ago. And it's a great example of how the power of market-leading products, advanced engineering and great people comes across best in video.


We're proud to say that we are able to feature video in many of our content and strategy campaigns. This video captures the essence of Poly Processing. Other common video types are shorter clips or case studies between two companies. One video, coming out soon, features one of our partners supplying an innovative new product for a Habitat for Humanity build.

MarketScale is helping marketers finally enjoy the true promise of video, with an efficiency and cost effectiveness previously unavailable in the market.


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