Employee Advocacy: It’s like Super-Hyper-Caffeinated Espresso for Your Social Media Strategy

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on March 10
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Employee Advocacy: It’s like Hyper-Caffeinated Espresso for Your Social Media Strategy  

Got a social media strategy?  Yep. 

Want to make it work better?  Of course.

What’s the Next Step?  You need an employee advocacy program

What’s Employee Advocacy?  Employee advocacy is about motivating and making it easy for your employees to participate in your organization’s marketing efforts by sharing company messages with their personal social networks.


Benefit #1: Content Shared through Connections Inspires Greater Audience Trust: 

Word of mouth marketing still trumps company marketing. People trust people more than a brand. An employee advocacy platform effectively transfers your marketing messages to your employees who share with their personal connections. Besides the trust factor, there is a far greater chance that people will consume content shared by a personal connection. Furthermore, personal connections are far less likely to unsubscribe or unfriend.


Benefit #2: Increased Employee Involvement Enhances Company Culture:

Well-structured employee advocacy programs are successful when they have a grander purpose and a reason beyond “just getting everyone active on social media.” They give employees a chance to go beyond the immediate responsibilities of their current roles, to contribute both directly and indirectly to lead nurturing and prospecting programs.  Employees are often happier when they feel like they are making a difference beyond their normal scope of responsibility. 


Benefit 3: Extended Reach: 

All too often, an organization’s thought leaders produce good content which is duly published on the organization’s website and/or blog, shared on social media and with email subscribers, and hopefully, given more exposure through the efforts of your PR company. The fact of the matter that even with all these channels, good content does not reach all of your intended audience. Employee advocacy provides another channel to your market through thousands of personal networks. 

Benefit #4: Greater Influence:

Influence isn’t something that can be calculated via click scores or even more sophisticated metrics. Influence comes with a cumulative combination of authenticity, trustworthiness and reach. Additionally, bear in mind that offline influence is rarely counted into online metrics: Your employees may be influential with what they do outside of social networks, sometimes more than they portray on social media. So, while you can monitor the numbers, you’re only looking at an indication of your employeee’s online influence, not their overall influence.


Benefit #5: Employees Can Grow their Personal Brand:

Many organizations encourage their employees to use social media to grow their personal brands. By serving up relevant content to your staff members, you are providing them with value-adding content which they can easily share with their email contacts and social media communities. This process exposes their social media profiles to a large community on a regular basis, thereby building their credibility and the propensity to be seen as a trusted adviser and thought leader. Not only will the staff member stay “top-of-mind”, their personal networks will grow and potential clients will contact them should they require information or assistance.


Benefit#6: Employee Advocacy Support Growth Throughout the Sales Cycle  

It is becoming more and more difficult for sales teams to get appointments with busy decision makers, and when they do, they have to make the most of the opportunity. Furthermore, in the initial stages of a sales cycle, potential buyers are not engaging with a sales person yet and are in the research phase of the sales cycle. An employee advocacy platform is ideal for sales teams to connect with and spoon-feed relevant content to potential clients. This enables them to build credibility, be seen as a trusted adviser and stay “top-of-mind” when the prospect is ready to buy.

Simply put: When planned effectively, employee advocacy is a powerful tool that enhances your work culture by more fully engaging employees in business growth.

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