HighSpot: Sales Engagement in a Marketing Automation World

Posted by admin on August 14

The greater sales and marketing world focuses a lot more on marketing than sales, and a lot more on automation than manual efforts. With marketing automation, the goal is to develop a solid E-Mail and Social list of clients who you can reach on a sort of schedule, and lead them through the funnel to the eventual purchase. This approach relies heavily on fresh content, and increasingly on advertising to drive traffic. Marketing Automation and the tools that support it are becoming a cornerstone of digital marketing, but in their ubiquity, they’re also dominating the dialogue. Brands like Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua, Pardot and ExactTarget (Salesforce) and others have plenty of inbound options to help drive inbound dollars.

Highspot has a refreshingly alternative approach. As automation attempts to solve for demand generation, and it’s software tools enable more automation, Highspot focuses on enabling the marketer and the salesperson to achieve more, with a direct set of tools designed to assist in the active sales process.

In highly differentiated, premium, non-ecommerce B2B products, which makes up about 90% of B2B, there must be a human-led sales process with rich content. Only in the commodity world can you automate a sales process. Highspot reacts to this by enabling brands to message their audience through sales channels, reach them in real-time through screen-share and slide-share and make sure customers understand all the differentiators. It enables searchable content, for easy retrieval of technical material and specifications and essentially supercharges both the efficiency and quality of sales teams. It is truly a tool for sales teams.

In B2B, ‘sales’ often replies to RFP or coordinates the manufacture or build of products to specifications. Because this is not a traditional cold-calling sales effort, B2B marketers and sales leaders often assume that informed customers can connect with expert sales ‘engineers’ and solve problems in person or over the phone. While this is true, the solutions are often constructed on ‘price’ and minimally viable technical needs. With solutions like Highspot, sales teams can bring differentiators to the table, with the content to support it, all while increasing efficiency through improved collaboration technology.

Automating ‘marketing’ creates an infrastructure for a set of tools to help marketers do great things. Foremost is the lead generation that enables sales to thrive. By combining the automation of marketing, with tools of the trade like Highspot, sales leaders can achieve new heights while improving efficiency by combining technology and old fashioned person to person sales.

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