How Data Should Drive Your Decision-Making

Posted by Lauren Farrell on September 16
There has never been more data available to businesspeople than today. However, with so much availability, it can overwhelm decision makers.
On this episode of Here's What I Know, MarketScale Business Development Manager Jennifer Tran talks about how those who overcome this data paralysis are better positioned to advance their business. Trusting the information can provide insight that even the most experienced professionals might have otherwise missed.
“We can create content all day and every day, but they’ve got to really rely on that data to see ‘OK, this is what’s working really well so we should continue to make that kind of content,” Tran said.
Numbers tell a story, and using it to come to a rational conclusion will continue to put businesses in a better position to succeed. Learning which key metrics to measure and what those numbers are saying is critical to gaining an edge, even if at first it can seem too daunting to absorb.
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