MarketScale Analytics Measures ROI, Delivers Actionable Insights

Posted by Nick Greco on September 8

Would you buy a car without a dashboard? How would you know when you are about to run out of gas or how fast you are going? And it might be nice not having a 'check engine light' but ultimately that is important information to protect your investment.

While you most certainly wouldn't buy a car without a dashboard, many marketers and business leaders in general operate without critical business intelligence.

A lot is said about 'Big Data', and Google Analytics is virtually ubiquitous on enterprise websites, but data and analytics alone are not enough. It's the context of that information that makes it useful: how it compares to previous time periods or industry competitors and where web traffic and engagement is coming from (which social channels, SEO, paid channels and more).

To help our marketer partners enjoy the vision and insights that good analytics afford, we launched a custom dashboard product to integrate multiple data sources, synthesize that data and provide key insights, enabling proactive marketing. If the first generation of analytics was reactive reporting, the future is proactive prediction; predictive marketing.

In fact, Google Trends data based on worldwide search activity shows that Predictive Marketing as a concept is quickly becoming the next big thing.


With forward-looking analytics, marketers are free to plot their course to new growth. Among the best data sets for proactive marketing are industry segmentation data. B2B brands in particular thrive on vertical markets. Many companies focus on two or three markets, such as 'Retail' or 'Architecture', when 'Healthcare' might be showing latent demand. MarketScale helps marketers identify new market potential by delivering daily segment analysis reporting, which informs new content opportunities in those markets.

MarketScale first established a solid foundation of analytics to measure the ROI in strategic content marketing. With every investment in blog content, video content and more, we provide clear measurement of it's effectiveness. But in creating a more proactive and holistic analytics suite than available in the market, we've found our greatest value is in actionable insights and forward-looking data.

As you pursue data-driven decision making for the future of your marketing initiatives, consider the following concepts as areas where MarketScale can help:

  • Measurement and comparison of cross-channel marketing, enabling marketers to optimize their investments
  • Content KPI, analyzing content engagement by format (Blog, Video, Social) and category, product, etc.
  • Industry analysis, identifying booming (and latent) industry verticals for each product. With this data we often enable more profitable growth in markets untapped by competitors.
  • Identify End-of-Life (EOL) product on the downtrend. While these products are often profitable 'last-man-out' strategies, they can also be utilizing important marketing resources that could be allocated to more promising marketing investments
  • Key account identification, measuring engagement and reporting on website traffic at the company level
  • Salesforce CRM Integration (and other popular CRM) for activity reporting, sales KPI and financial metrics
  • Social Media listening integration for proactive response
  • Marketing Automation and E-Mail marketing integration for engagement statistics and more
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) through more accurate demand forecasting, saving costs, lowering lead times and adding value through a more efficient supply chain

Best of all, each one of the above features within our analytics suite comes standard with each MarketScale campaign. And with accurate data, a custom dashboard (some clients put it on a flat-screen TV in their office) and collaborative insights, you can ensure that you won't have to navigate your competitive industry without the vision you need ever again.

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