MarketScale Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Study Proves Superior Value for Glassboards

Posted by admin on March 13

A recent study conducted by MarketScale evaluated the factors driving costs in the writing surfaces market. MarketScale surveyed hundreds of facility managers, maintenance professionals and senior managers to determine the factors driving investment in commercial writing surfaces.

The market, long dominated by traditional whiteboards, has given way to Glassboards in recent years. This trend is supported by the study, which showed that 93% of respondents say whiteboards last less than seven years and cost up to 400% the initial investment in just ten years. MarketScale was able to evaluate factors driving replacement, such as permanent discoloration and other cost drivers such as maintenance, cleaning and installation costs – all proving dramatically superior economics for Glassboards, most notably Clarus Glassboards.

MarketScale market research and customer surveys help guide marketing insights and strategy and can be executed during all campaigns. With custom research comes proprietary data driving original content, enabling thought leadership, improving engagement, and driving new web traffic and leads.

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