MarketScale Video Integration is the Solution B2B Marketers Needed for Scalable Marketing Video

Posted by admin on June 22

There used to be a running joke in the marketing community: “This will be the year of video”.

Not too long ago, it seemed that every single year, the industry would proclaim that THIS was going to be the year of video.

Or mobile.  That was a big one too.

But despite the predictions, and despite the fact that YouTube (and video at large) are fixtures in our daily digital lives, the revolution never quite made it to business to business marketing.

If the revolution is being televised for consumers, it is not for most of America’s great companies that sell to other businesses.

While most businesses have “a video” or “some video”, they don’t produce video on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

MarketScale is changing that.

Whereas marketers often avoid video because they don’t have the cameras, the lighting, the software, the expertise, the time or the budget, MarketScale eliminates all of that complexity.

MarketScale customers need not make such investments in equipment, because the magic of video for web, for blog and for social is not in heavy cases of equipment.

And it's not in expensive video production.

The magic of video marketing is in handheld 1080p and 4K recording devices.
The smartphones, the GoPro’s the DSLR’s, the iPods.

It's the same devices you use as a consumer to capture video.
But with professional editing, post-production, voiceovers, and much, much more, it becomes usable for B2B.

Here is how MarketScale executes this approach to video.

  1. We send our customers HD cameras, preloaded with their own content folder in the cloud
  2. MarketScale’s editing studio shares access to the content folder
  3. Customers shoot photography or video as often as they would like, using the cameras we send or any other cameras with cloud access
  4. They drag and drop the content into the folder giving our Dallas-based team instant access to begin editing just minutes after content is captured
  5. MarketScale adds graphics, animations, color and audio-correction, stabilization and more, while adding the music and professional voiceovers that make the content you capture ready for marketing use.

We call it Video Integration.

With MarketScale Video Integration, you can send cameras out with installers, or into the manufacturing facility. You can even acquire content from customers. 

It’s distributed content capture, and centralized editing.

It takes the simplest of video and photography and turns it into marketing brilliance.

And it delivers results: Just adding video to a website on a consistent basis can provide a 157% lift in organic web traffic. 

MarketScale customers participating in our video programs go from no video or some video to weekly video. Blogs that were dormant suddenly become lead-generation machines.  

Does this mean we no longer offer our popular on-premise video production? Of course we do. 

We still deploy our team on-location to capture their story, to film in brilliant detail the essence of their business and why they’re different.

But for powerful momentum, instant results and endless HD video content, nothing works quite like MarketScale Video Integration.

It is changing the way marketers add video to their marketing.


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