MarketScale visits the 2016 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)

Posted by admin on May 16

MarketScale recently visited the 2016 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas. Held at NRG Park, the conference hosted some of the world's biggest brands - to be expected at one of the world's biggest shows.

OTC draws over 90,000 energy professionals, attending to participate in the thought leadership, with educational sessions, and the industry's largest exhibition of manufacturers. Some of the largets trade show displays anywhere exist in the OTC exhibit halls.

MarketScale supports marketers in the energy industry, in particular the marketing of innovative products differentiating in such a competitive - and otherwise mature industry. And while oil prices fluctuate with global, macroeconomic conditions, the quest for more efficient means of energy independence and supply is never-ending.

Therefore, while oil may be a commodity, it's wealth of products are not. The profitable sale of commodities required innovative technologies with competitive extraction or production advantages - OTC manufactuers have the ability to provide both. Chief among exciting technologies are the use of polymers pipes and cables in deep water, enabling extraction at depths previously unimaginable and safely enabling new sources of oil supply.

And while many new means for sustainable energy become more and more economically viable each day, the traditionally profitable Offshore business remains critical both now and in the future.


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