Meet Evan Bentley: MarketScale's New Strategist Hits the Ground Running

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on October 3
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We live in a world where content is essential. You can either play by the new rules or not, but those who value content will find themselves at the top.

—Evan Bentley, Digital Marketing Strategist at MarketScale

Propelled by the forward momentum of a summer marked by spectacular growth, MarketScale soars into the fall, fueled by inspired creativity and an unwavering commitment to our clients’ ongoing success. To help drive this growth, MarketScale has expanded its team, bringing in a new wave of creative, high-energy talented professionals. Among them, Evan Bentley, who joined our team this past September to assume the role of Account Manager.

Evan’s perfect mix of training, experience and energetic enthusiasm has made him a perfect fit for the role. Having graduated from the University of Arkansas with a major in Broadcast Journalism and a minor International Business, Evan comes to MarketScale with a richly textured store of skill and experience. An experienced account manager, copywriter, videographer, editor, creative lead, and television news reporter, Evan says his rich background in marketing and communication provides him a fuller “understanding of all aspects of the client-agency relationship.” As Evan explains, his background in “video, writing, and graphic content” allows him to “smoothly operate all phases of the game, leaving the client to take care of what they need to while I handle everything else.”

Evan possesses a singularly millennial facility for the kind of hybrid skill-set essential to success in today’s marketing ecology: A culturally attuned, high-energy creative with solid academic training in business; a fan of hip hop and 80s hair metal (though Evan puts The Red Hot Chili Peppers at the top of his playlist); an experienced manager at once adept in both visual and written media—not to mention his talent for playing bass guitar.

Despite his background in diverse media, Evan’s big-picture vision of marketing strategy rests on the clarity of one, fundamental principle:

Everything is now based on content. How you’re found online, how you’re ranked online, whether you capture the attention of the consumer or not and even how long you hold their attention for. Everything comes down to a science and the biggest part of the equation is indisputably having fresh, creative content.

Evan brings this same clarity of purpose to his vision of service:

My goal is to help clients tell their story through exceptional content. We will connect with consumers in new ways that increase business and develop beneficial relationships for both sides.

Barely into his first month at MarketScale, Evan has hit the ground running. Within the past 3 weeks, Evan has traveled all over the nation—first to the Midwest, followed by a trek up through Southern California, then on to Tampa, Florida. Good thing Evan brings the right energy to the job.


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