Planning an Employee Advocacy Program: The Do's and Don't's

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on March 13
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Studies prove that employee advocacy is a powerful strategy that boosts sales and enhances your work culture by more fully engaging employees in business growth. However, success requires planning and the necessary support for employees.  Here's some key guidelines to help you plan through the process:

 A social media employee advocacy program does NOT mean:

  • It does not mean mandating your employees to get active on social media. No employee wants one more irrelevant “to do” from management on their list.
  • It does not mean giving employees free rein to say whatever they want about the company on social media.
  • It does not meanmicromanaging and employee’s social channels. Social media profiles belong to individuals, not companies.
  • It does not mean posting to all of your employee’s social channels to make it appear that everyone is synergized. It looks phony and pretty creepy when everyone shares the same message. And, yes, people will notice.


A social media employee advocacy program DOES mean

  • Giving employees a peek into the sales and marketing efforts of the company. 
  • Sharing your sales and marketing objectives with employees and continuing your brand culture of transparency.
  • Giving employees an opportunity to become thought leaders and grow their own sphere of influence. It is structuring a program that benefits both the employees and the company.
  • Codifying the rules for employees who will use social media on behalf of the brand to ensure the program continues to be successful for all involved.
  • Accepting continuous feedback from employees about what’s working and what’s not, and keeping employees up to date on any changes in the use of social media.
  • Monitoring the metrics to figure out which actions, messages and channels positively affect the objectives.

For more tips and guidelines to help you plan your social media content strategy, download a copy of our guide to social selling.

For more guidance on B2B marketing, check out our content marketing playbook.  Or , of couse, always feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to schedule a call.

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