Smith-Midland: A Leader in Innovative Building and Construction

Posted by admin on March 13

MarketScale recently made the trip to Midland, VA to visit customer Smith-Midland and learn more about their unique approach to serving the building and construction market.  With their Slenderwall and Easi-Set brands, Smith-Midland serves customers with innovative approaches to modular and pre-fabricated construction solutions, enabling new building paradigms. 

Smith-MidlandMarketScale's Tim Maitland (left) Visiting Smith-Midland

Slenderwall, accelerates construction projects by minimizing the number of trades required on the jobsite and bringing a more efficient construction process. A centralized, offsite approach to construction, for example means that product is consistent, and not subject to external factors, like the weather, for assembly. 


And the success of the company has been spectacular – since 1960 Smith-Midland has helped redefine the industry. And top projects from Johns Hopkins Hospital to the Alexander on the Hudson River in New Jersey benefit from Smith-Midland products such as Slenderwall.


In visiting Smith-Midland, MarketScale Director, Business Development Tim Maitland had the chance to collaborate with the team and learn just why Smith-Midland leads the industry and how to communicate premium differentiators through strategic content and marketing technology.

The building and construction market is evolving rapidly. Inefficient, decentralized construction practices and products are giving way to market leaders such as Smith-Midland. And precast/prefab will grow to a $208 Billion market by 2020. From thought leadership to technical and traditional content marketing, market leaders will inform and educate customers to proliferate new technologies. And MarketScale, through custom, strategic content, combines industry and marketing expertise to drive ROI.

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