Statistics Point to Big Returns on Employee Advocacy in B2B Social Media Marketing

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on March 13
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Studies Show that B2B Marketers Who Implement an Employee Advocacy Pogram in their Social Media Marketing Strategy Boost Sales and EnhanceCompany Culture 

In 2015 Hinge Marketing surveyed marketing professionals who utilize employee advocacy programs to promote social media initatives.   The study reports that 96% of those surveyed identified benefits from employee advocacy. Here's a breakdown of the results:

benefits-employee-advocacy-marketscale-b2b-marketing.pngOther studies only confirm the benefits of employee advocacy as a powefuls means to enhancy a social media strategy on many from fronts:

  • Studies show that, on average, employees have 10 times as many connections on social media as your brand (source: Social Chorus). For a company that has 100 – 200 employees, the increased reach could easily amount to 1,000X or more.
  • Then there’s this study which shows that promotional content is re-shared 24X more often when originally shared by employees as compared to when shared by brands.
  • 84% of people trust recommendations from people they know while only 15% trust recommendations from brands. (Gartner via Neal Shaffer & PeopleLinx)
  • It has been shown that leads developed through employee social marketing convert 7x more frequently than other leads. (IBM via Neal Shaffer & PeopleLinx)

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