Staying Healthy While Working A Full-Time Job

Posted by Lauren Farrell on July 26
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There is a cyclical rigidness about transitioning from college to work life. Suddenly, the spontaneity of university living turns into a structured 8-5 day, triggering a load of lifestyle changes. For many, the most difficult part of adjusting to corporate life is how to take care of oneself while adjusting to a foreign routine.
This seemingly unachievable balance between college-style indulgences and prioritizing healthy eating proved difficult for our three interns. On this episode of Here's What I Know, we sat down with our summer interns Megan Carr,  Ally Shay, and Shivani Seth to discuss how they have stayed healthy amidst this transition - and how one of their favorite grocery stores helps play a role.
The three describe an undeniable bond they have made over the past few weeks that involved motivating each other during this time of confusion and change. Plainly put, “adult life is hard,” but finding friends, and evidently coworkers, makes it easier.
All three utilize their friends and each other to achieve their health and fitness goals. Essentially, accountability is key in both work and home productivity, and holding themselves to a high standard aids in achieving long term goals.
While both peers and their own personal standards have been motivators, so is where they choose to shop; the source of this health craze. Trader Joes has been the three’s commonality and, manifestly, the topic of choice during lunch breaks. Not only does it help facilitate this healthy lifestyle, but their operational model is fascinating to Megan, Ally and Shivani, as they are all exploring marketing careers.
In short, Trader Joe’s prides themselves on private labeling, seasonal products, and the shopper-centric customer experience that keeps loyal consumers like them coming back. Throughout this week’s episode, we dove into how Trader Joe’s has been a constant foundation for healthy living and how their personal branding allows them to be uniquely successful , getting the unique perspective of three healthy marketing majors! 
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