The Genius of the Bachelor

Posted by Tyler Kern on July 29

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Since 2002, fans of The Bachelor have been gathering en masse around their televisions with heavy pours of rosé to watch contestants go on a "journey" to find love. While other reality TV shows have fallen by the wayside, The Bachelor franchise is still going strong fueled by spinoff shows and a rabid social media fanbase.


One of the more intriguing ways that the show has continued to build on its popularity is their use of former contestants as social media influencers. In much the same way that former athletes are hired to provide commentary for sports, former contestants on the show take to Instagram and Twitter on Monday evenings to give their thoughts on the proceedings. Armies of fans join in on the social media chorus to voice their opinions on the drama that unfolds during every episode.

On this episode of Here's What I Know, MarketScale interns Watson Brown and Audrey Claybrook join the podcast to talk about what companies can learn about marketing from The Bachelor. You might be surprised to learn just how many lessons can be gleaned from a reality show about finding love.

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