The Youth Sports Model

Posted by Tyler Kern on July 30
The Youth Sports Model
Sports can play a large role in the development of a child. From teaching the value of teamwork to instilling a respect for authority figures, the lessons that a young person can learn from sports have the potential to alter their lives for the good.
William Deuschle has had a front row seat for youth sports for the majority of his life, which has given him a good idea of the positive influence it can play in the lives of children. As an athlete in his younger years and a coach more recently, he has seen the good and the bad of the model that is used to bring sports to the youth of America.
Will says that the "pay to play" model negatively impacts children that come from backgrounds that can't afford to play in the best leagues. Money becomes a prohibitive factor when it comes to access to the best coaches and training. Part of his concern is that the positive lessons that young people can learn from sports are negated when their interest and love for the sport isn't nurtured by qualified coaches.
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