Tomorrow is Too Late: Why You Need Content Today

Posted by Michael Aleman on August 9


Across every industry, there are different rules to play by every aspect of business. When it comes to content some markets react and engage differently with various types of content, and find different forms more easily used to educate and digest.

No matter the differences in how content is consumed, one thing rings true across every industry and within every business: content is king.

Speaking with numerous marketers daily, the same objection is given over and over, again and again, when asked what their plan for creating content is.

“That’s something we are looking to do later in the month, next quarter, in 2020.”

Why wait?

62% of buyers say they make business decisions based on content. People no longer want to be persuaded to buy—they want to educate themselves and make decisions to map out their own individual buying journey.

74% of today’s B2B buyers conduct more than half of their research online before making a purchase. Meaning they’ve already educated themselves significantly before even becoming a prospect you’ve gained as part of one of your marketing campaigns or sales calls.

If you as a marketer and business aren’t creating content to educate buyers, they’re going to purchase from someone who is providing them with the information they are looking for. That being said - too many companies miss the mark, period. Not only are they not creating content, but they aren’t creating enough content, nor are they creating the right content.

They bog down prospects with technical details and the what of their products, instead of educating their prospective buyers by solving a problem and providing a solution – the why and the how.

How it’s done

Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows Apple. And it’s for more than one reason. First, their marketing is the crème de la crème – they’ve set a high standard as a brand and their innovation and creativity is what many marketers strive to mimic. Second, they create innovative products that push not just their industry, but the world, forward.

That being said, you don’t buy an iPhone because Apple has taught you how the product works and given you a spec sheet. You buy one because you’ve been educated on why you need it, and how it solves a problem that you have.

How did you learn about the latest Apple innovation? Possibly when a colleague told you, but most likely by consuming content, and consuming it digitally – either from their website, or a publication.

Tomorrow is too late

Post content twice a year? Made your last company video in 2017? Only share a new infographic on LinkedIn annually? Never been on a podcast? Waiting to create more content until next month/your new website is done/your biggest show of the year has passed. . .

Did you answer yes to any of these? You did?

We should probably talk. Today.

It means your company is being buried by competitors in your industry, and placing you at a disadvantage that you might not even realize you’re at. Because buyers today are different than buyers of years and decades past. They want what they want, when they want it.

More than 75% of B2B buyers say relevant content that speaks directly to their needs is central to their decision-making process.

How many potential buyers are you missing out on by not creating content, now? While you’ll never know the exact number, a safe guess would be too many.

How can you scale your content creation, shorten your sales cycle and educate your prospects and clients? Learn how we can help you create, distribute and analyze your content, evangelize your sales team, and engage your buyers - today.


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