How AI is Changing Healthcare with Tom Lawry of Microsoft

Posted by Denis McInerny on June 14

Artificial intelligence has found a way to affect every aspect of the healthcare industry, from improving patient care & prevention to reducing administrative costs. Tom Lawry, Director of Worldwide Health for Microsoft, came on the podcast to tell us how AI is applied in new ways every day in the industry, even with social responsibility concerns of the technology. Tom also told us how Microsoft found itself in the healthcare space.

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Established Companies May See More Marketing Value from Artificial Intelligence than Startups

Posted by Denis McInerny on January 11


When many marketers in companies that would not exactly call themselves “tech startups” hear about artificial intelligence in marketing, it can sound like science fiction. Sure, there are plenty of algorithmic and automatic features in common programs such as CRM and Marketing Automation suites, but really leveraging “Artificial Intelligence” for game-changing value? It doesn’t seem realistic yet.

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