Marketing Statistics Prove Value of B2B Video Content

Posted by Denis McInerny on December 12

Marketing Statistics Prove Value of B2B Video Content

It goes without saying that people love watching videos – it’s fast, informative and fun. But let’s look at why video should be such an important part of your online marketing strategy.

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Content Marketing has become Video Marketing

Posted by Nathan Jajan on September 22


History of Video in the Industry: In 1981, MTV launched the prophetic one hit wonder, “Video Killed the Radio Star”. Remembered by its catchy tune but personified by the sentiment that traditional media was dead. The lyrics, “Rewritten by machine on new technology” seems timeless as marketer’s struggle to adapt to new technologies in the B2B domain in 2017. With an ever-cluttered advertising space, how do companies differentiate themselves in content marketing. The answer is video. From a study done by Animoto, 4 times as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. The concept of video marketing originated on the television screen in the 1940’s. However, the 21st century has been defined by a different black mirror: the cell phone. The dot com boom brought about the great social media companies that occupy our every waking moment. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram make up the conglomerate that governs both social and video marketing today.

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Can a Product Be Too Good?

Posted by Josh Brummett on September 13


Yesterday, at its Steve Jobs Theater in their new headquarters, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced what he referred to as “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”, the iPhone X.

"Ten years later, it is only fitting that we are here in this place, on this day to reveal a product that will set the path for technology for the next decade," Cook said, calling the iPhone X "the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone." 

The amazing device has a “super retina” display with unprecedented resolution, it unlocks with facial recognition, it’s faster, it charges wirelessly, it’s configured for augmented reality, and yes it makes phone calls. And it also starts at $999.

Apple has been testing the top of the market for a long time. From its original workstation computers in the 1980’s to the luxury versions of the Apple Watch, the company clearly seeks to intersect its status as an ultra-premium brand with demand for exclusive technology and brand affinity. After all, brands like Louis Vuitton get $2500 for a handbag based on their brand and one could argue Apple’s brand is more popular—why not try for the same thing?

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Real Estate For Sale Signs: A Content Marketing Opportunity

Posted by Nick Greco on September 6


The humble For Sale sign is such a fixture in residential neighborhoods that you barely notice it. It’s the only thing in real estate that seems to never evolve, as the changes in real estate have mostly been digital. Often consumers find interesting properties online before seeking a realtor, which creates a more informed marketplace. And with so many photos and 360 tours available at their fingertips, consumers can see attributes of a home they like or dislike before visiting a property.

But despite a ton of property-specific content, sellers often struggle to differentiate or command a premium, beyond the externalities within their specific sub-market. Neighborhood comps and price-per-square foot largely dictate what a house will sell for. Location, location, location wins almost every time.

Because its pricing is efficiently driven by the market, it could be argued that real estate is largely a commodity. But any good marketer knows that the goal is to escape commoditization through differentiation—and find buyers who appreciate your product’s premium differentiators.

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With Better Content Marketing, B2B Products will Thrive in E-Commerce

Posted by admin on August 23

E-Commerce, led by Amazon, has disrupted retail and it has changed the way we buy everything from clothing to consumer electronics, to food.

But the vast majority of E-Commerce sales have always been B2C. That’s not to say that there aren’t billions of dollars in B2B E-Commerce sales each year, but those sales traditionally fall into a few limited categories:

  • Wholesale products for retailers and resellers
  • Surplus goods
  • Consumables and commodities
  • Highly-standardized parts and machinery
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Inbound Marketing for Manufacturers

Posted by Denis McInerny on August 9

Manufacturers of premium products are important to our economy in so many ways. Not only do they design and build essential components, parts, devices, machines, vehicles and more, but their production in itself represents economic health. Where there is creativity there is invention and where invention meets investment and demand, differentiated products solve big problems. Premium means proprietary. And with proprietary design and build comes a very special story behind each manufactured good. Why does it exist? What does it solve? How does it work and why is it better than a cheaper substitute?

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How Content Marketing and SEO Relate in 2017

Posted by Terry M. O’Connell on May 19

Content Marketing correlates directly with SEO

When it comes to digital marketing, many of us have a tendency to see things in black and white, technical SEO and heuristic based Content. The truth of the matter is, the best results come from a healthy combination of the two. Content and SEO are the ying and yang of a great web presence.

The first thing to keep in mind when thinking about the term Search Engine Optimization, is what are your customers/prospects actually looking for? The single best way to gain traction with Google is to simply be the best answer to a question. How is ice-cream made? What are good cloud solutions for logistics companies? Should my team invest in a new project management platform?

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Why it's More than "Content."

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on April 24

Somehow, the vast variety and scope of information created and published online has been condemned to reductive summary in the vacuous designation "content."  We may be stuck with the word.  Ubiquitous usage of the term has too deeply embedded itself into the culture and practices surrounding the production and consumption of online work.

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One Brand, Many Targets: Developing Content Across Verticals

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on April 24

Marketers know all-too-well that a successful content strategy requires the ability to engage a target audience.  Engaging a single audience is challenging enough, but brands often target markets in multiple verticals.  As a result, Marketers commonly grapple with greater challenges.

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Why B2B Content Marketing?

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on April 19

How do B2B Brands Benefit from Content Marketing?  Check out the Stats on this Infographic...

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