Harvard Business Review: Users, Not Buyers Key to Successful Marketing

Posted by Thomas Riley on February 20



A recent article from the Harvard Business Review reports on a joint study from SAP, Siegel+Gale, and Shift that found major differences between digital and traditional brands. First and foremost, traditional brands aim to be in the minds of their customers while digital aimed to be a part of the lives of their customers, a loftier and more involved goal. The survey of 5,000 consumers concerning over 50 brands found two primary categories of brands: "purchase" and "usage."

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Your Greatest Content Hits Transcend Pure Method

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on March 8

Eternal Returns...

Written in 1983, Sting’s classic “Every Breath You Take” has earned over $20 million in estimated profits, accounting for up to one-third of all of the Police’s royalty income.

If you’ve sung “Happy Birthday to You” in a restaurant, at a concert or public place previous to February of 2016, you may owe some money. Warner Music contentiously owns the copyright to the song in its entirety. First composed in 1893, the song has been accruing royalties for over a century, earning an estimated $50 million in cumulative value. 

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Meet Audiences Where They’re At: How to Use  Data to Improve Your Content Strategy

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on March 5

How to use your marketing data: 

An essential step in developing effective content marketing is simply a realization that it’s not just about dumping content onto a few channels.  Marketers must change their content marketing processes to reflect an awareness of contextual factors.  As you gather data about your content, improving your strategy involves drawing on information about previous engagement with your organization.

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