How Can You Effectively Use Data in Decision Making?

Posted by Lauren Farrell on November 15
This week on Diving Into Data, we explore how professional sports franchises are utilizing data on and off the field, why the transportation analytics market is expected to boom in the next 5 years and how to effectively make data-driven decisions.
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Big Data, Small Data and The Data Ecosystem

Posted by Lauren Farrell on October 28

Data inherently has its own ecosystem. And that ecosystem is continually growing and evolving as we move forward with new technology.

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Diving Into Data and its Outliers

Posted by Lauren Farrell on October 24

The impact of data, analytics and information isn't kept in a vacuum, it impacts the world around us. While we often talk about storytelling in reference to visual mediums, it is often overlooked that data, and its numbers, tell an important story.

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Being a Data Driven Dad

Posted by Thomas Riley on May 1


Just a short while ago, I would not have been able to provide an opinion on this topic. Over the last five weeks though, I've gone through the most transformative period in my life: I’ve become a dad.

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