Posted by Daniel Litwin on Oct 5, 2018 10:53:58 AM

There is no uniform playbook on social media that could cover the sheer breadth of the topic or keep up with its speed of change. When it comes to this arm of digital marketing, everyone is learning day by day.

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MarketScale Original Series: Changing the Business of Baseball with the Savannah Bananas

Posted by Denis McInerny on Jun 19, 2018 4:13:53 PM

MarketScale Sports and Entertainment, presents our trailer for our upcoming Savannah Bananas series debut, highlighting the challenges, processes, opportunities, technologies and leadership lessons from owning and operating a 'fans first' baseball team.

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Antigua Sailing Week 2018 With SiOnyx

Posted by Annie Thomas on Apr 30, 2018 3:01:36 PM

MarketScale visited Antigua last weekend with SiOnyx for the opening night of Antigua Sailing Week 2018 to showcase the SiOnyx Aurora night-vision action camera.

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The SiOnyx Aurora Succeeds in Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by Cameron Cooper on Apr 26, 2018 4:50:26 PM

On Friday, April 20, SiOnyx launched Aurora, their new action camera, on Kickstarter. SiOnyx’s Aurora is the world’s first waterproof day and night camera and is the only high-definition, color action-camera with true day and night imaging.

Their Kickstarter campaign was a true success, surpassing their goal of $50K in less than four hours and reaching 200% of their goal in less than 48 hours. While they’re currently at over $180K with about 400 backers, they’re sure to excel farther past their goal with 29 days left of the campaign to go.

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Making The Transition From Operations to Optimization Within Your Sales Strategy

Posted by Kevin McInerny on Mar 29, 2018 1:01:33 PM

Sales Operations Should Equal Sales Optimization

Like many aspects of business in the 21st century, Sales Operations is changing. How? Well, it’s moving quickly from a reporting and administration function to much more—think of it as Sales Optimization. Longer buying cycles and global competition may be eating into your organization’s numbers. It’s time to address the increased cost of sales head on by taking a closer look at your Sales Operations team.

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Marketing to Millennials: How Manufacturing Can Make the Shift

Posted by Matt McCoy on Mar 27, 2018 1:23:52 PM

Manufacturing, although an industry with a long history, isn’t stuck in the past. Its operations have embraced artificial intelligence, robots and other technology, which has propelled accuracy and efficiency forward. Unfortunately, manufacturing lags behind in other areas like marketing. It hasn’t adopted modern marketing practices like content, inbound or social media marketing. Thus, it’s struggling to connect with millennials, who, according to a Forrester Report, are involved in B2B purchasing decisions 73 percent of the time. They are also, per the Pew Research Center, the largest living generation in the U.S., numbering over 75 million.

For manufacturers to retain and grow clients, they must start focusing on the millennial buyer.

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Enterprise Dashboard from MarketScale is Your Marketing Command Center

Posted by Thomas Riley on Mar 26, 2018 12:17:56 PM

A customized MarketScale Enterprise Dashboard can and should be your one-stop shop for all key marketing and sales data within your company. Our custom Enterprise Dashboard is capable of KPI tracking across many of the marketing and sales systems your company is already using. Our dashboards have always provided insights into web traffic and site visitor behavior via data from Google Analytics—but did you know Google Analytics is just one of over 150 system integrations available through the Enterprise Dashboard?

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Studies Suggest Marketers Confront Increasing Stress: Here's Some Tips to Help Manage Content Creation

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on Apr 3, 2017 2:10:25 PM

Stressed by the Demand to Create all that Content? 

If the answer is "yes," you're not alone.  Studies show that marketers are undergoing increased job stress.  And it's no wonder, given the increased complexity of the work.  Marketers face many challenges today: High growth expectations, hyper competition in crowded market places, and the digital and social-media revolution. What’s more, growing pressure from the C-suite to implement marketing return on investment measures as a way to track and evaluate marketing success is increasing the marketer’s workload. Studies show that stress rates for marketers are on the rise.

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Trending in Architecture at MarketScale

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on Mar 31, 2017 9:09:50 PM

Trending in Architecture at MarketScale

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New book outlines more than 150 of the leading trends in the IoT industry

Posted by Owen Matson, Ph.D. on Mar 29, 2017 9:09:36 PM


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