Inbound 2015 Takeaway: SalesBound Depicts HubSpot's Value

Posted by admin on September 11

Inbound 2015 was a great experience for 14,000 marketers, agencies, partners and vendors who attended this week in Boston. It was a testament to the Inbound Movement, the product vision for Hubspot, and their executive commitment to investing in their marketing community. It wasn’t a Hubspot sales pitch, it was an educational revival – with something to learn in every session and event. In a standardizing and commoditizing Marketing Automation world, Hubspot continues to emerge as the differentiator. While others ‘automate’, and focus on the technology, Hubspot differentiates with its focus on content, outcomes, training, philosophy and methodology for the most unique approach in the category.

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Internet of Things will Change Marketing

Posted by admin on August 19

Much as been said about the Internet of Things and what it will do to change our lives. The idea of connected devices appliances and the move to 'online' from the traditional offline is very promising. Items such as the refrigerator, washing machine, coffee maker, scale, your car - you name it, will be connected, for a truly tech-integrated life. This will enable efficiency and a connected lifestyle that delivers on the futuristic promises for home automation that we've long hoped for. But the real impact will not be in the direct value of interconnected devices and appliances. It will be in the byproducts of their use - the data and machine learning generated by IoT, that change the game.

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